A New Perspective 6-17-2004: Golden Gate Master Plan

Golden Gate Gazette

June 17, 2004

Three new commercial centers for the Golden Gate Estates, new commercial ventures for Golden Gate City, and discussion on commercial uses along Logan and Oakes boulevards.
These are a few of the topics discussed during recent meetings of the Golden Gate Area Master Plan Restudy Committee.
The Committee was formed by Collier County Commissioners, nearly a year ago, to address growth in the Golden Gate and Golden Gate Estates areas and to direct necessary changes to the Golden Gate Master Plan that governs that growth.
Originally adopted in 1991, the Master Plan is part of the county’s growth management plan and a road map the county and state use to determine what will or will not be allowed in the Golden Gate area.
Meeting on a monthly basis, the group began with a review of the existing Golden Gate Master Plan. Various planning representatives have addressed the group to discuss how changes to the Master Plan might impact their interests.
As the learning process turned into decision-making the frequency of the meetings has increased to twice a month, the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held from 4-7 p.m. and are open to the public.
The group began the decision making process with a broad idea of goals, meeting each week to narrow those ideas down and try to attach language for the plan as they proceed.
After narrowing the ideas down further, a survey of the community with will address commercial activity center zones proposed on Golden Gate Blvd. near the intersections of 23rd and 21st streets, Wilson Blvd., and Everglades Blvd. A final commercial site is proposed for Everglades Blvd and Immokalee Rd.