A New Perspective 12-16-04: Schools

Golden Gate Gazette

December 16, 2004

It has been pretty exciting having two new high schools in this area. The schools have created a sense of community, not only among students and parents but residents whose children are all grown up. Attending these high school functions has been fun.
Just this week, I went to a basketball game to see how the new teams are doing, what the fans are like, and to get an idea of the community that is being created.
After attending mostly Naples High functions the past few years, is was quite a different affair at the Golden Gate game.
Fans were polite, while cheering their players on. There is good sportsmanship on and off the field. The noise level grew to a pretty thunderous pitch during a very close boys basketball game, Dec. 7, against Gulf Coast High School. Golden Gate had led most of the way, but in double overtime, Golden Gate lost by a shot. Even in defeat, the fans were supportive and great.
While attending games at other schools, I have often witnessed loud, abusive individuals that are so abrasive you only dare watch out of the corner of your eye. They are an embarrassment to the sport they are attending and to the school. We don’t need that in Golden Gate.
While watching the game this week, a trio came in and I thought to myself that they just looked like trouble. Before this trio made it to the bleachers, a school official recognized them and alerted a deputy at the game. They were quietly and quickly escorted out of the gymnasium. It was done in such a manner that most folks probably didn’t even know the incident took place.
Later in the week, Golden Gate High School performed a holiday concert called the Prism Concert. I wasn’t expecting much as it is a new music program, but it was an excellent and unique presentation from start to finish. In fact, it was pretty impressive. Short performances were given by students of all talent levels, with a wide variety of entertaining music from classical to the Chicken Dance. The acoustics in the new auditorium were fantastic and the performance culminated with colored strobe lights, smoke, and an impressive performance by flag waving dancers, kick lines, drum line solos and marching band members throughout the auditorium.
If you are like me, there were quite a few years when I just didn’t attend any high school functions. After your kids are born and get a little older, you take them to a few games. When they get to high school, you go to watch them compete. After they graduate, your attendance wanes again.
Here’s the good part – it doesn’t have to. If it’s been quite a few years since you’ve attended a high school event, you might truly enjoy recapturing some of that old high school spirit you thought you left behind.
I don’t think my enjoyment is just because it’s my own kids performing up there, it is genuine entertainment and high-energy enthusiasm. Even if you don’t catch the spirit, it’s fun watching others do it for you.