Russell Tuff highlighted in storm damage in Golden Gate

fox 4 storm coverageRussell Tuff walked television reporter Karl Fortier through the damage in Golden Gate City. He discussed reviewing priorities in brush removal after severe storm. Tuff stated that the Golden Gate community is the most densely populated area in the county, with 4 elementary schools, a middle school located within the four square mile border, and a high school across the bridge.

The community has few sidewalks, which causes large safety problems avoiding storm damage as students must walk to school in the roadways. He suggested priorities should be reviewed that address population density and safety, versus political might to determine which communities should get cleaned up first after a major storm.

In the Naples Daily News, Tuff had been quoted in the editorial titled “Help is on the way, Golden Gate and Estates, for storm debris cleanup”

“There’s a whole lot more damage out here than people realized,” says Russell Tuff, president of the Golden Gate Area Civic Association. “There’s just a ton of damage.”

Tuff says he sees a truck out every day picking up tree debris. There’s just too much.

“I don’t think it’s anybody’s neglect,” he said. “It’s just the amount of damage that there is and it’s taking a long time.”

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