2017 Trinity Cursillo Action Items

  1. Identifying Pilgrims – (3 months prior to the upcoming weekend)
  • Work with the Trinity Cursillo community and clergy to identify candidates for upcoming weekend
  • Run candidate list by clergy for input/approval
  • Identify pilgrim sponsors and have them approach candidates
  • After sponsor has conversation with candidates touch base with candidates to answer questions etc.
  • Once candidate accepts, have clergy meet with them to discuss
  • weekend and expectations.
  • Assist sponsor in completing weekend application paperwork
  • Notify candidates that Trinity Cursillo fund is available to help with
  • weekend fees (if needed)
  • Work with sponsor to coordinate Palanca for candidates
  1. Cursillo Gathering (Schedule at least 2 weeks prior to the weekend)
    • Work with church office to schedule date on church calendar
    • Identify host for the Gathering
    • Create and send evite out to Trinity Cursillo community regarding event and manage the RSVP’s
    • Coordinate Pot Luck items
    • Coordinate Palanca supplies
    • Set up Green Palanca station at event. Deposit portion of proceeds into Trinity Cursillo fund and the Diocesan Green Palanca fund
    • Purchase beverages for event (beer, wine, water, soda). Expenses can be reimbursed through the Trinity Cursillo fund.
    • Create weekend poster to be signed at the Gathering
    • Work with church office to place Gathering notice in church bulletin.
    • Coordinate having those who attended the prior weekend as pilgrims the opportunity to share their experience during event
  1. Pre –Weekend Activities
  • Send follow up thank you email to Trinity Cursillo community regarding Gathering event
  • Coordinate poster signing and palanca drop off at the Parish for those who did not attend Gathering
  • Coordinate poster and palanca pick up from parish and its arrival at Dayspring
  • Coordinate Serenade and Clausura meeting places and identify leaders to help organize transportation up to Dayspring.
  • Coordinate Pilgrim transportation with sponsors to and from Dayspring