February 2017 Trinity Cursillo


Welcome Trinitarian Cursillo Members

Below is the information for the upcoming weekend and helping you do your Palanca with the names of Pilgrims and Team

February 9 – 12, 2017 

Theme: “Be Still And Know That I Am God.” 


Saturday, February 11, 2017

All are encouraged to attend the Saturday Night Serenade on February 11. The Serenade begins at 7:00 PM in the Program Center, so plan on gathering in the open soccer field area (just past the Diocese Office Center on the left) with practice beginning around 6:30 PM.

Serenade Songlist

102 – Praise Him in the Morning

61 – I Will Enter His Gates

12 – Amazing Grace

36 – Glorify Thy Name

121 – They’ll Know We Are Christians

5 – Abba Father

43 – Here I Am

111 – Shout to the Lord

20 – By Name I Have Called You

3 – DeColores

A few things to remember:

– The barricade to the soccer field will be open at 6:00 PM.  Do not park on the roadways or shoulders – park all vehicles on the soccer field area beginning on the far side of the field and then filling in towards the soccer field entrance area.  Keep the field entrance area clear.  Car pool when possible to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum.  IT WILL BE DARK – DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS USE EXTRA CARE!!

–       There are no restrooms or garbage collection receptacles in the soccer field area.  Please keep the grounds clean.  Grills and open flames are not permitted.

–       Bring flashlights and insect repellent.  We will walk as a group from the soccer field to the Program Center.  Wear comfortable shoes and watch for rough spots.  Watch the weather and prepare for wet or damp ground.

–       Song sheets for singers and serenade music books for musicians will be handed out at the soccer field gathering.  A short rehearsal will cover the songs.

–       When directed, the Serenade group will carefully walk together to the Program Center.  Help each other along the way.  Remember – the Serenade is not a secret, but it is a wonderful surprise!  Let’s stay hidden from view and quiet for as long as possible to keep the surprise alive!

–       Once inside the Program Center, please do not attempt to rush over to visit with, hug, or otherwise enter the pilgrim or team seating area.  The pilgrims will be quietly restrained from leaving the circle area.  Your gift to them is to be there waving, smiling, and singing!

–       Once the Serenade is complete (De Colores is the final song), immediately exit the Program Center via the same route.  Do not linger and visit in the Program Center as the pilgrims and team will still have more to do.

–       Keep you flashlights ready and help each other walk carefully to the soccer field.  Please return all song sheets and music to the Serenade leader.  IT WILL BE DARK – DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS USE EXTRA CARE!!

Please all come and have fun making this night a joyously surprising memory for the pilgrims!

Secretariat Music Chair



Allen Dascilda F Holy Trinity, Clearwater
Beauchamp Carol F Calvary, Indian Rocks Beach
Beauchamp Phil M Calvary, Indian Rocks Beach
Collins Chuck M St. John the Divine, Sun City Center
Farrell Cathy F St. Anne of Grace, Seminole
Hernandez Alaina F All Saints, Tarpon Springs
Jackson Mary Ann F Epiphany, Cape Coral
Johnson Suzanne F St. John’s, Pine Island
Kourchenko Alice F Ascension, Clearwater
Lightner Ellen F All Saints, Tarpon Springs
Long Melissa F St. John the Divine, Sun City Center
Madden Sally F St. Anne of Grace, Seminole
Marino Theresa F Good Shepherd, Venice
Olson Janice F St. John’s, Clearwater
Schock Mary F Calvary, Indian Rocks Beach
Schock Rick M Calvary, Indian Rocks Beach
Sodaro Claudia F All Saints, Tarpon Springs
Vaughn Nancy F St. Mary’s, Bonita Springs
Voris Chai (pron. Shay) F St. John’s, Pine Island
Balke Linda F St. John’s, Clearwater
Greenough Mary F St. John’s, Clearwater
Gibbons Eddie M St. Hilary’s, Fort Myers
Gibbons Alicia F St. Hilary’s, Fort Myers
Inman Joan F St. Hilary’s, Fort Myers


Montgomery Jennifer F St, James House of Prayer, Tampa
Potts Robin F Church of the Holy Spirit, Osprey




Rector: Sharon Stoll Set Up Chair:  Brian Cleary / Karen Jones
Spiritual Director: Rev. Ernestein
Servant Chair:  Nancy Kinney
Asst. Spiritual Dir: Fr. Michael Todd Music Chair:      Sherre Henley
Asst. Spiritual Dir: Deacon Kathleen Moore Asst. Music Chair:   Beth Kendall
Observing Rectors: Jack Overton/ Mickey Vallejo Music Team: Fr. Ed Henley

Michael Turcotte

Bellringer: Arlene Maloney

Ideal:  George Walters Action: Nancy Kinney
Grace:  Rev. Ernestein Flemister Obstacles to a Life in Grace: Rev. Ernestein Flemister
Laity: Karen Maurer Leaders: Bill Cox
Faith:  Deacon Kathleen Moore Study of Environment: Sara Lemley
Piety:  Jane Boritz Christian Life (Life in Grace):  Fr. Michael Todd                 
Study:  Judy Wenzel Christian Community in Action:  Nicholas Nitch
Sacraments:  Clergy Group Reunion: Marsha Savage                                             
Ultreya: Sharon Stoll                                                            



Bill Cox                              Margie 


Lynn Kallop
Sara Lemley Gail Malecot                      Diana Overton
Marty Purvis John Humpal               Dudley Savage
Marsha Savage                   Jody Tiffany Judy Wenzel

Jane Boritz            Audrey Cull                      Karen Maurer
Dean Jones



Holley Pittman                    Theresa Rowe Juliette Shaheen
Ray Stoll             George Walters Mary Anders

Anthony Campanaro
Dawn Head        Mike Magnant A/V     
Marta Meloy   Nicholas Nitch Maisie Reddy (Altar Guild)




Eileen Prins                      

Pat Magnant